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- caitlin

HI! I love sharing this crazy horse obsession with my clients and readers. I hope you enjoy some of these stories <3 

hello + welcome!

Once you have one, they’re all you’ll want.

JC Silver Diamond

This was the case with Megan too. Her first horse, a grey mare named Kira, wasn’t intended to be a Thoroughbred. She wasn’t sure how she felt about her at first, saying “it wasn’t love at first sight”. But after a couple years of getting to know each other, they were a team, and she was hooked! While she didn’t make it to the starting gate, Kira had plenty of enthusiasm for another career. Megan said, “Kira got things done and she did it with exuberance”, and competed with her up to 3’3 in the hunters and 1.10m in the jumpers until her retirement.

JC Patrick

2 years ago she added Patrick to her herd, a cute bay gelding with a connected star, stripe, and snip, and a partial sock on his left hind. Patrick enjoyed brief success on the track, with lifetime earnings of $15,732 in 23 starts, 2 first place finishes and 5 3rds. Then his connections felt it was time for a change. Megan bought Patrick from his owners while at Century Mile here in Edmonton. From the day he came home, Megan said Patrick was a cuddler, “He loves everyone and everything: people, horses, cats, dogs”. He struggles with some insecurity, but looks to people for the answers and reassurance. Megan is taking it slow with Patrick letting him tell her what he is ready for.

JC Railroad Dan

4 months ago Megan found Dan. Dan was in the US when Megan saw his picture, but she had a gut feeling about him and bought him otherwise sight unseen. Dan earned roughly the same as Patrick on the track ($15,564) but in only 9 starts, 2 first place finishes and 4 2nds. Turned out she was right! He is the youngest in her herd, only 6 years old, but he is quite self assured. When we brought them out for pictures he led the way forward with an interested but calm attitude. Megan said she rode him a couple times when he arrived to get a feel for him. He is now having some let down time. She is hoping he will be her next jumper if he likes it. He is definitely a sweet little love bug and she is super lucky!

Megan was lucky to be in an OTTB friendly barn, so she had lots of supporters. To anyone considering an OTTB for themselves, she says “Just do it. They’re an amazing breed and will do anything for you once you earn their trust”

If you have an OTTB and want to share your experience, apply for the OTTB Passion Project. Help raise awareness of Thoroughbreds in second careers and raise money to support OTTB aftercare in Alberta.

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