Welcome to

'Horses of the military'
a photography project

As someone who grew up with two parents in the military I have seen and experienced the toll it takes on the members and their families. Thankfully I had my horse to see me through. I think it's such a unique combination to not only be in the military life but also a horseperson as well. And I think these stories are so important to share. Not just with people outside the military or outside the horse world, but with other service members in the horse community as well. Through this project I hope people will find a new community to support and lean on one another.

I am looking for participants who:
  • own/ or previously owned a horse while serving
  • own/ or previously owned a horse while spouse or parent serving
To be photographed and share their personal experiences. If you are interested in participating please fill out the questions below. 

Thank you for wanting to be a part of my "Horses of the Military" project!

I will be in touch if you are selected.
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- Caitlin