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- caitlin

HI! I love sharing this crazy horse obsession with my clients and readers. I hope you enjoy some of these stories <3 

hello + welcome!

Stoutheart is a chestnut gelding born March 21 1990.

The offspring of Hall of Fame horse “Bold Ruler”, and the Triple Crown placing “Palestinian”, I can only imagine his breeders had great hopes for him. He had 21 starts, with 4 second place finishes and 5 thirds, amounting to lifetime earnings of $5065. And while OTTB owners will happily brag about their horses on track accomplishments, they take the most joy in their off track accomplishments.

“Stoutheart” is now known as “Copper”, and was purchased by Morgan Hellekson from a family friend 8 years ago. Morgan admits that she didn’t know much about owning an OTTB when she got him and had a steep learning curve, but she quickly fell in love with his work ethic and his quirkiness.

Two of the most common stereotypes around off track thoroughbreds are how hot they are and also the struggle of feeding them. Morgan says she found both of these to be true in Copper’s case. “I can’t count how many times I changed his feeding regimen to find something he liked and keep his gut happy and healthy”.

But Copper’s heart made him a true partner in sport. Together they competed in hunter/ jumpers, dressage, 3 day eventing, and enjoyed trail riding together. “He’s always surprising me, from how quiet he can be for kids and beginner riders and then hot he is when I ride him”. Copper is presently living the semi retired life as Morgan’s boyfriend’s trail pony. And he will be with her family for the rest of his days.

Do you have an OTTB? Come join the OTTB Passion Project and share your experience with these amazing horses and help raise awareness of Thoroughbreds in second careers.

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