Off Track Thoroughbred

A passion project

They are a breed apart. Likewise, the people that love them are too. Whether it's English or Western, pleasure riding or out on the polo field, off track Thoroughbreds, or OTTBs as they're known for short, are proving they can do more than race. 

My love for OTTBs began with a lesson horse named Joe. I fell in love with his size (he was the biggest horse I'd ridden as a kid), his can-do attitude, and his kind heart. I didn't know about the OTTB stereotype back then. All I knew was that's all I wanted when I finally got my first horse. I've since had 2 OTTB mares, and still always watch the horses coming through After the Wire with a dream of what their future might hold.

My goal is to raise awareness of OTTBs in second careers, and also to raise money to support aftercare, and OTTB owners that are out promoting the breed by taking their horses to the Thoroughbred Makeover, and participating in the Thoroughbred Incentive Program (TIPS); by featuring OTTBs with their owners in their post-track lives in a series of portrait sessions and short interviews to learn about people's experience buying and restarting an OTTB.

These sessions will be by donation of $100, for which you will receive a horse and rider session, and a portrait of your choice from your gallery. This project is open to all residents of Alberta (travel fees may apply). 

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