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- caitlin

HI! I love sharing this crazy horse obsession with my clients and readers. I hope you enjoy some of these stories <3 

hello + welcome!

So many of us in the horse community in the Edmonton area know Penny. As an equine rehabilitation specialist she’s an incredible wealth of knowledge. More than anything she just loves to help horses, and help people to help their horses. Penny is certified EEBW/ RVT/ CCRP/ CERP. That’s a lot of initials! And she is constantly out learning more. Now Penny is heading up an incredibly amazing resource right here in our backyard: an Equine Fitness Center at Sublime Stables. Our community is so lucky!

Penny’s own horse is an Andalusian mare. Her name is Florencia VI, or Flo for short. She got her in July of 2013. And they have dabbled in sorting cows, and trail, but their main practice is dressage. Flo did suffer a suspensory injury in 2019, which for any of us that have experienced that with our horses, we know is a long recovery. Lucky for Flo her mom was just the woman for the job! Flo is since back to work. In the last few months they have participated in a clinic with Andre Ganc and completed a show at High Thorn Equestrian where they earned themselves a shiny red first place ribbon in western dressage!

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